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Let's say you were driving to work tomorrow, had an accident, you were at fault, and there was $100,000 in damages - would you want your policy to pay all damages? Yes
It's not something I am concerned about
Let's say you had a few glass claims, would you prefer to pay for them out-of-pocket, or would you prefer for your insurance premiums to go up? Pay for them out of pocket
Rather pay a higher premium and have it covered
If you had damage to your car, would you rather have a lower deductible for less out-of-pocket, or would you prefer to lower your premiums by choosing a higher deductible? I would rather have a lower deductible
I would rather reduce my premiums
How many licensed drivers are in your household?
In the event of death, would you want loans on any of your vehicles paid? Yes
Do you have any jewelry you would want replaced if it were lost on vacation? Yes
If you had damage to your home, would you rather have a lower deductible for less out-of-pocket, or would you prefer to lower your premiums by choosing a higher deductible? I would rather have a lower deductible
I would rather reduce my premiums
Have you made any improvements or additions to your home over the past year? Yes
If you had a sewer backup and your carpet were ruined, would you want it replaced? Yes
It's not something I am concerned about
In the event of death, would you want the mortgage on your home paid? Yes
I do not have a mortgage
Recreational Vehicles
Do you have any licensed vehicles such as boats or snow mobiles that you would want replaced in the event of an accident? Yes
General Questions
Do you have any income producing hobbies? Yes
Do you have any collections, such as guns or art? Yes
Do you have a vacation home or rental properties? Yes
Do you have an inventory of all your household possessions? Yes
Do you do any work at home for your employer? Yes
Have you made any major purchases during the past year? Yes
Have you added a burglar alarm or other security devices? Yes
If you live in an area frequented by flood, earthquakes or earth movement, would you want losses covered for these disasters? Yes
It's not something I am concerned about
Let's say you were involved in an accident in your car, or someone hurt them selves on your property, and you were sued for $1,000,000. Where would you want the money to come from? My insurance policy
It's not something I am concerned about
If you had a chronic illness or disability that left you unable to care for yourself for an extended period of time, where would the money come from? I don't know
It's not something I am concerned about
Other Policies
In order to properly protect your assets, it is important that we have complete information about your total account. Please list any policies, including personal auto, homeowners and group health, written with other agents.
Has anyone in our office provided exceptional service over the last year. If yes, please tell us about it.
If we have provided value to you over the last year, we might also be able to help your friends and neighbors. Who would you suggest we contact?
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What Our Customers Say!

"I wanted to let you know what outstanding customer service I experienced today. Jennifer Wakefield contacted me because she had been notified  that I purchased a new car and had not yet reported it on my auto policy.  At the time I purchased the car, the dealership assured me they would be contacting your agency to make the switch and to verify that I had certain levels of coverage.  Imagine my dismay to learn that five weeks had gone by, and this call had not been made!  Jennifer took care of all the loose ends for me and was very kind and responsive throughout all of our communications.

I have had Home, Auto and Umbrella Liabilty coverage through your agency for four years.  Every time I contact your staff,  I am blown away by how helpful and kind everyone is, and how consistent your service remains, regardless of who I am speaking with.  You have a fantastic team of employees.   Keep up the great work!"

Meghan Claffey Cline, MHS - Nutritional Interventionist, Wake Forest University

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Wilson Insurance Services Team!

 Our newest team photo!

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What You Should Know About Rental Car Insurance
There are some very serious contractual gaps in coverage for rental vehicles. Even if you purchase their Collision Damage or Physical/ Loss Damage Waivers, many rental car contracts exclude the following:
  • Theft of the Vehicle
  • Tolling, or Turning the Vehicle Over
  • Lease Gap coverage
  • Loss of Use
  • Glass, Tire and Undercarriage Damage
  • Animal Collision
  • Flood and Hail Damage
  • Damage above the Windshield
  • Individuals who rent personal vehicles for extended periods and do not have a Personal Auto policy in force
  • Drivers who rent, and do not own another vehicle insured elsewhere, need to be expecially careful here
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The Five Costliest Traffic Tickets for Auto Insurance

Those whirling blue lights in the rearview mirror usually mean just one thing: It's traffic ticket time. The worse the violation, the more your car insurance costs may rise because it's more likely you'll be considered a bigger risk to the insurer.  Rack up a combination of the nastiest violations plus a few accidents, and insurers may even refuse to cover you, says Loretta Worters, spokeswoman for the Insurance Information Institute, a trade group.

It boils down to matching the premium you pay to your risk as a customer, says State Farm spokesman Dick Luedke. "Sometimes you get lucky and violate (traffic laws) a lot and don't get caught, and sometimes you do it once, and you are caught," he says. "That's why we use all sorts of other things to measure risk as well." So it's tough to say how much your insurance premiums will rise per violation. Different insurers calculate premium costs differently, Worters says. With the help of experts, including J. Robert Hunter, insurance director for the Washington, D.C.-based Consumer Federation of America, we now identify what are considered the five worst traffic violations for your insurance bills:
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